Palate Expander, Feeding and Speech

What to Expect with Your Child's Palate Expander

Tips and tools for how to help your child adjust to getting a palate expander.

Straw drinking, Feeding therapy

The Best Sippy Cup is No Sippy Cup

Looking for the best sippy cup? Think again! Learn why straw drinking is the way to go and how to teach your child to drink from a straw.

Picky eater, Feeding therapy

What is Feeding Therapy?

Do you have a picky eater? Are you concerned with how you child eats or doesn't eat? Learn what feeding therapy is and how to get started.

Picky eater

8 Steps to Help Your Picky Eater Try New Food

A systematic approach to exploring new foods with your picky eater.

Requesting food

How to Teach Your Child to Ask for Snacks

Learn how to create an environment for your child to successfully be able to ask you for a snack.